Seal of the Republic of Rome

Welcome to the multimedia presentation of Team 3.

We are students at Florida State College of Jacksonville, this site is the multimedia component of Team 3's paper entitled, "ROME: Art, Architecture, Religion, & Politics".

Rome a place of hope, expression and freedom. Under rule by several emperors, the Roman Empire lasted from 27 BCE to 476 BCE. From turmoil and war, to peace and harmony, early Roman’s laid the foundation for the acceptance of diversity. From religion to architecture they established an idea of independence an expression of individuality and appreciation. Even their political structure allowed for those less wealthy to have a say in government.

Today we continue to take advantage of the impact and progress of the era of the Roman Empire and its expansion.  The Roman Era gave us diverse religions and an acceptance of them as well as the institution of technology and engineering. The realism beauty of expression with art, sculpture, paintings. The institution of art into their architecture. They instituted an unconventional government and political development for the time, which we continue to take advantage of to this day. The Ancient Roman’s without knowing it seemed to have paved the way for our modern civilization. 

Magidson, Carla
McLeod, R. Scott
Suydam, Andrew
Williams, Angela

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